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COVID-19 notification

Following the lockdown announced on 23/3/20, I am teaching online lessons only.  This will continue until confirmed that it is medically safe for face-to-face teaching in people's homes.  ​These measures are in place so as to maintain continuity of service for the benefit of my students.  As the situation evolves, please check this website regularly for updates, many thanks.

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Welcome to my website!  I advertise in a number of places such as Tutorhunt, Superprof, FacebookLinkedIn and, so you may have come here via one of those pages.

Whether you’re looking for help after school or simply want to boost your knowledge, there's nothing more effective than being taught by an experienced language tutor, face to face or online. I’ve been offering German, French and English as a foreign language to students of all ages in the Winchester (UK) area since 2011, and offer online tutoring, too.  I’m here to give you the personal attention you require, so that you or your child can reach full academic potential.

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Why am I a tutor?

For millenia, the peoples who inhabited the area we now call Europe have been trading and learning each other's cultures and languages.  Language learning is nothing new:  indeed it is one of the oldest forms of learning known to humandkind.  As former German Chancellor, Willi Brandt, put it: "If I'm selling to you, I speak your language.  If I'm buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen."

Many forms of organised trading agreements have existed for centuries, and most probably ever since commerce between countries began.  We need only think of the Hanseatic League, of which London and other north European ports were members in the 12th century.  More recently, sound European collaboration resulted in the creation of suspersonic airliner, Concorde, and later, the Channel Tunnel / Le Tunnel sous la Manche.

The European Union is merely one of the more recent forms of organised international co-operation.  And with the current trend in isolationist nationalism which threatens generations of successful international relations, there has never been a more important time in human history for maintaining sound relationships between different countries.  This surely includes learning our neighbours' languages, so that our current and future generations can continue to keep international co-operation alive.

I am delighted and proud to have a strong lifelong skill and interest in language learning, and I trust that by helping and encouraging others to learn, I am also contributing to keeping good international relations alive.

College Campus

About me

Looking to progress in English, French and German, and need a bit of one-on-one guidance from a reliable, professional tutor? Sometimes all it takes to really progress in a language is a considerate teacher who knows how to enable you to study at your own pace. Having a degree in Modern Languages from Newcastle University (1994), a postgraduate diploma from Anglia Ruskin University (1995), an English Teaching (TESOL) certificate from Trinity College London (2011), then having worked with students throughout Winchester since 2011, I bring a depth of professional experience and knowledge to those who are eager to expand their learning of English, French and German online and face-to-face.  I offer quality, tailored lessons, so contact me to see how I can help you.


Lessons and specialisms

Student Writing
Students Typing at Their Computer
Teenage Students Raising Hands

One-to-one lessons

Customised lessons

As an established English tutor (EFL/ESL), GCSE French tutor and GCSE and A level German tutor in Winchester, I have enabled my students to excel. Take advantage of my professional experience - especially my one-to-one lessons and online lessons. Get in touch today and allow me to help you or your child achieve your potential.

Exam preparation

Help where it's needed

I know how difficult it can be to find help which focuses on exam and assessment preparation. Teachers need to be able to motivate and guide students to success. As an experienced language tutor, I can identify students’ problem areas and work with them in positive, constructive ways to achieve success. I design my lessons according to my students’ needs, with an emphasis on confidence-boosting activities including flashcards to help with vocabulary, and grammar exercises to assist with writing.

Group lessons

Personal attention

I can sometimes offer tuition to small groups, and know how to get my students to excel through personal attention, patience, a lot of practice, and hard work. I make learning fun through a variety of engaging and outside-the-box activities. Teaching is a skill, but great teaching is a vocation.



'Mark was very committed and enthusiastic.  He prepared very thoroughly and worked through topics systematically.  He was entirely reliable.  My child enjoyed the lessons and feels their command of the language improved considerably.'

Helena, parent of German GCSE student

'I am an adult learner, wanting to learn German for when I visit Germany.  He came armed with many questions to understand my current level of knowledge and areas of interest.  He is always interested in feedback and has even given me useful websites to look up, as well as homework.'

Madeline, German adult intermediate student

'Mark is personable, reliable and communicative.  Above all, he is an effective tutor and all our students have been very happy with him.'

Chris Polatch Language School

'Mark responded immediately and we arranged a convenient date/time to tutor a GCSE student.  Very professional and a hit with my teenager who after only 3 lessons has more confidence speaking German than in 4 years of learning at school.'

Bromley, parent of German GCSE student

'After the first lesson which included what I wanted to focus on, I have had 4 lessons and they have all been great. Mark gives me the choice of what to do each time but also with some structure to them.  As a complete beginner myself I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone - whether a beginner or someone with more experience.'

Harrison, German adult elementary student

'Mark was a great tutor, came well prepared for each class and was happy to send additional materials or info after class if unsure. I really enjoyed the 1-2-1 approach and being able to work on my pronunciation.'

Emalina, English as a foreign language advanced student

'All good. Mark made a big effort to understand the type of support that my daughter needed with her French.'

Carol, parent of French IGCSE student

'I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Mark Bamforth.  As a very proficient and reliable tutor, he was always very well prepared and eager to find out and meet my needs.  He was very flexible regarding time and place and very reliable.  Not only was he very easy to converse and have a laugh with, but he also provided me with challenging grammar and writing tasks.  This learning experience has truly surpassed all of my expectations.  Therefore, both as a teacher and student, I can only warmly recommend Mark Bamforth to anyone who aspires to learning and/or improving their English or German skills on all levels.'

Ariane Indira Wildberger, English as a foreign language - proficient, school teacher

'Mark is a very dedicated and well-organised French tutor.  He has been helping me (an adult learner) for several years now.  Currently I am working through the French A level syllabus.'

Caroline, French adult student

'Mark has been giving extra tuition for my daughter's German GCSE. He has been very supportive and has helped her organise her revision. Given her much confidence. He helped her enormously with her spoken as well as written work. He was always prompt and reliable and organised.'

Tessa, parent

'Mark has been a godsend over the past year helping to prep for GCSE. Professional, organised, polite and punctual.'

Bron, parent

'Mark is a great teacher who has helped me improve my speaking skills in German.  He is friendly and supportive and whilst he has interesting lesson plans, he is also flexible in his teaching by focusing on my problem areas.'

Bella, German IGCSE student

Students Typing at Their Computer

Booking & scheduling of lessons: term time & school holidays; online lessons

In line with the practice of many established tutors nowadays, lessons are booked and paid for in advance, and desired dates and times requested by email.

Term time lessons:  Please book with payment a block of lessons, for example: a month's lessons, a half term or whole term. 

School holiday lessons:  Please book with payment the number of lessons required for that period. 

Paying for a block of lessons in advance also obviates the need for frequent reminders.  At this point, the client will be able to highlight dates when the student will be away.  This promotes commitment for both client and tutor, and helps to avoid penalty in the event of a cancellation (please see below). 

Online lessons:  The recording of any part of the lesson, either by the tutor or the student, is not permitted, just as the recording of face-to-face lessons would not be allowed.

Students Typing at Their Computer

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation policy is necessary as without one, a cancelled lesson means the tutor is left without income after having invested time and resources during preparation, and other clients will miss out on the unused time slot.  The terms are as follows:

If a lesson is cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice, or if the client fails to show up at the agreed venue at the agreed time (face-to-face and online), the lesson will be charged for. 

If there is a genuine one-off and unforeseen circumstance, please discuss with the tutor as soon as possible.  In some situations, lessons can be rescheduled (free of charge), but this is at the tutor’s discretion and cannot be guaranteed, as it is dependent on schedules.

In the unfortunate and unusual situation where lessons are cancelled on a frequent basis, regardless of giving the required notice, for example more than two cancellations in a term, the tutor may have to choose to terminate tuition for that client.

Similarly, so that this policy is fair to both client and tutor, if in the unlikely event the tutor has to cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice, the next lesson will be offered free of charge. 


Away Dates

I will be away on the following dates:

Monday 21st September until and including Friday 25th September 2020

Away dates are subject to change, please check regularly.


Useful Links

Every effort is made to keep links current, but should you discover a broken link, please contact me to let me know!


GCSE (AQA) German

GCSE (Edexcel) German

IGCSE (Edexcel) German

IGCSE (Cambridge) German

GCE A level (Edexcel) German

IGCSE (Cambridge) French

Cambridge English & Cambridge International

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Contact & Feedback

Please do get in touch to find out how I can help you, either in the Winchester area or online - anywhere in the world!  If you'd like to leave a review, please do so!

Email on, call on 07914 920266, or complete the form below:

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